British American Tobacco

United Kingdom

glo™ is a patented tobacco heating device. Coupled with processed tobacco Neostiks™ the electronically-controlled heating ensures theNeostiks™ are not heated above 240 °C. The water and glycerine in Neostiks™ facilitates low-temperature heating resulting in an aerosol without combustion or ash.

Chemical analysis of the aerosol produced by glo™ contains around 90% fewer toxicants when compared to the smoke from a conventional cigarette. Robots in our labs generate aerosols from glo™ and deliver it to human tissue models. We then assess the product exposure impact by using techniques combining the global profiling of genes, proteins and metabolites to help identify biological patterns of response.

Marina Trani

Marina Trani 100px

Marina is Head of Research and Development for Next Generation Products at British American Tobacco, a role she took up following a brief onboarding role as BAT's Group Head of Scientific Product Stewardship. Previously, for 25 years, Marina was in R&D at Procter & Gamble where she rose to become Global Beauty Care R&D Director, having worked across a variety of products categories including home care, beauty and healthcare. Marina has a proven track record in managing all aspects of the innovation process, from the identification of new opportunities to developing new products, including resourcing and all the way to the in-market execution.