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The detrimental health effects of the diketones diacetyl and acetyl propionyl are understood within the vaping community, however the ingredient concentrations of a significant number of other flavour chemicals should be taken into consideration during eliquid flavour development in order to ensure a product that is as safe as possible for the end consumer. EL-Science will present a selection of their analytical findings, with detail on the toxicological implications of inclusion of these additional ingredients of concern, as well as provide insight into how best to ensure your new eliquid products meet toxicological health criteria values moving forward.

Dr Jaydene Halliday BSc (Hons) MRSC

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Dr Jaydene Halliday is the Chief Scientific Officer at EL-Science. A published scientific author, Jaydene has worked within governmental forensic toxicology, industry, and academia. She received her PhD from the University of York and her First-Class Honours Degree in Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis from the Limerick Institute of Technology. Starting her career as a Toxicology Analyst at the Irish State Laboratory, Jaydene progressed to Phenomenex, where she provided GC and HPLC technical support to major UK and international pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage, fuels and forensic/toxicology laboratories. Before joining EL-Science, Jaydene was Science Director at CSI Drug and Alcohol Testing.