New Nicotine Delivery Systems Backed by Science and Technology

International Symposium on Nicotine Technology


Developers, manufacturers and distributors are invited to demonstrate new products and discuss their design and development. The aim is to present a wide range of alternative delivery systems, including vaping products, oral pouches and tobaccos and heated tobacco products as well as ancillary technologies involved.


ISoNTech was organized alongside the 9th Global Forum on Nicotine, which took place in the same venue, and all participants in this - scientists, academics, public health professionals, politicians, manufacturers, distributors and consumers - will also be invited to attend ISoNTech.

ISoNTech is also promoted as a stand-alone event to all media outlets covering the Global Forum and to policy makers locally, as well as to consumers and the general public.

ISoNTech create space not just to demonstrate the opportunities presented by new technologies, but also to network with key leaders and thinkers in the field of alternative nicotine delivery products, including policy analysts, regulators, manufacturers, consumers, and scientists.

Selection of Photos from Previous Editions